Hidden Intel

Act I: S.S.D.S.

Intel (1/1) After stepping into the field just past the basketball hoop, look for the first Intel (a laptop) resting on a shelf by the guard tower in the far left corner.

Act I: S.S.D.S.

Intel (1/2) Look for this intel on the second floor of the school, in the classroom just before you exit outside.

Intel (2/2) Immediately after exiting the school, you’ll find this intel on a crate adjacent to a taxi.

Act I: Cliffhanger

Intel (1/3) The guard tower by the entrance into the base is home to the first intel. Climb up via the ladder and look for it on the walkway.

Intel (2/3)When you regroup with MacTavish just outside the warehouse containing the ACS Module, turn around and dart up the path to a second warehouse–peek into one of the windows on the right to spot the enemy intel. You can grab it by smashing the window first, allowing you to reach it.

Intel (3/3)The final piece of Intel is located during the snow mobile escape sequence and can be a bit of a pain to find. After about 25 seconds of driving, you should spot a broken cabin/shack on a right ridge. The laptop is located among the trees just a few meters from the shack’s entrance.

Act I: Takedown

Intel (1/4)The first piece of intel can be found during the first village section, inside a house with barbed-wire windows. Here’s how to find it: Work your way through town, up to the staircase leading to the fence where the dog attempts to attack. From that fence, turn around and follow the right wall. Continue through the first open building on the right–upon exiting, enter the first entrancway on the left ahead, just past the motorcycle. You’ll find your Intel inside.

Intel (2/4) When you encounter this house with the ladder (just before a hill), climb it to a room containing the intel.

Intel (3/4)After climbing the hill by the house with the ladder, enter the brick building on the left to find the intel on a small table in the back room.

Intel (4/4)You’ll come across a burning car near the end of the level. Enter the building on the right and head down the stairs within to find the final piece of intel.

Act II: Wolverines!

Intel (1/4) Check inside the gas station to find the intel resting on the counter.

Intel (2/4)Head inside the CRB Financial building (just across from Nates) and look for this intel on a desk, next to the “Foreign Exchange” window.

Intel (3/4) Look inside the dumpster just outside the Burger Town restaurant for this intel.

Intel (4/4) Enter the Taco restaurant through the door directly opposite Nate’s and look for this intel on a counter.

Act II: The Hornets Nest

Intel (1/4)After entering the alley just past the first area (where the two trucks with gunners were), enter the first doorway on the right (near this truck)–you’ll find the laptop on a table inside.

Intel (2/4) Look for the second intel in a small shack just past the basketball hoop in the field full of garbage.

Intel (3/4)Shortly past the junk-filled field, you’ll encounter a long street heading up hill. About halfway up, you’ll spot a blue car on the right, with two doorways nearby. Take the one on the left and head upstairs to find the intel.

Intel (4/4)When you reach the soccer field that serves as the initial landing zone, look for a piece of intel in the window behind the far soccer goal.


Intel (1/4)When you reach the Garden Villas apartments on the left side of the street, look for a small office just past the main sigh–inside you’ll find the intel on a desk.

Intel (2/4) At the checkpoint, check inside this small office on the right for another piece of intel.

Intel (3/4) After crossing the bridge, check the second level of the second house on the right to find this intel.

The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday

Intel (1/3)After climbing the stairs (post breaching the first room), look for this intel on the middle set of shelves in the room immediately before the exterior walkway.

Intel (2/3)With the second room cleared, look inside another room just ahead, at the base of the staircase leading to the third level to find the intel on a shelf.

Intel (3/3)On the third level, look inside a room next to the last staircase on the walkway (which leads to the top deck)–you’ll find the intel below an interior staircase.

The Gulag

Intel (1/4) Climb the staircase just before entering the prison proper to find a piece of intel inside this room.

Intel (2/4) When you reach the control room inside the prison, look for this intel along the back wall.

Intel (3/4)After escaping the small control room where you were locked in, check inside the first jail cell (#327) for this intel. This is just before the sequence where you rappel down the wall.

Intel (4/4) After rescuing Price, face the hole you just came through to find the intel just to its right.

Act II: Of Their Own Accord

Intel (1/2)Shortly after entering the Capital building, you’ll reach the elevator lobby. The far left elevator is having trouble shutting because a corpse blocking the way–good thing too, as the intel’s just inside! Crouch to enter.

Intel (2/2)After climbing the two ramps to the fourth floor, kill a gunner shooting through a door on the left side of the room then head inside to find a piece of intel.

Act III: Contingency

Intel (1/3)When you reach the three-man squad (after evading the BTR) of which Captain Price suggests you can either engage or sneak past, you’ll find the intel among the trees, just a few feet to their left.

Intel (2/3) Check inside building 33 on the left/west side of camp and look for the intel on a table in the back room.

Intel (3/3) A short ways before the submarine, climb up this staircase on the left side of the area to find the intel.

Act III: Whiskey Hotel

Intel (1/2)Shortly after entering the West Wing, one of your squad mates will shoot a door open. Look for the intel just through the door, on a couch to the left.

Intel (2/2)After climbing the two-level staircase (that doubles-back on itself), look for the intel by a window in the room at the top. (This is just before reaching the rooftop).

Act III: Loose Ends

Intel (1/3) Look for this intel on a box outside a boat house, directly behind the safehouse you breached (it’s to the southwest).

Intel (2/3) After breaching the right room of the basement, look for this intel in the armory in the back.

Intel (3/3) After clearing the top bedroom, look for the intel on a table, by the window.

Act III: The Enemy of My Enemy

Intel (1/2)From the starting location, enter the fallen plane on the right and climb the stairs on the left inside to find a piece of intel.

Intel (2/2)After passing through the large airplane wreckage about halfway through the level, you’ll spot the nose of another facing toward you from the hill far ahead. Head inside it to find the intel on the left.

Act III: Just Like Old Times

Intel (1/4) Check out a hall just right of the where the smoker was to find intel.

Intel (2/4) Look for this intel in an alcove on the left, just before the first cave exits outside.

Intel (3/4)During the smoke screen segment, instead of crossing over the gap via the wooden beams, enter the cave just beyond to find the intel near the exit, on the right.

Intel (4/4)Inside the room where you override the door controls, look for the intel on a table just left of the computer Price was using (on the left side of the room).

Act III: End Game

Intel (1/1) Look for the intel on the dock, right by the boat.

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