Killstreak guide

General FAQ

What are killstreaks?
Killstreaks are special rewards that you get for killing a certain amount of enemies without dieing. You can use them once, but if you die and get the required amount of kills again, you can get the killstreak reward again.

How does the killstreak system work?
You have 3 killstreak reward slots. The rewards you begin with are UAV, Care Package, and Predator Missile. Once you hit level 10, you get your first killstreak unlock. You can unlock any one of the killstreaks that are listed below, even the higher ones. After that, you can replace one of the three that you have now. After getting your first unlock, you get another killstreak unlock every couple of levels. Remember, you can ONLY have three killstreaks at a time, any new ones you unlock just replace one of the three.

Is there any way to get them faster?
Yes. You can use the Hardline perk to get the next killstreak reward for 1 less kill. The pro version also allows you to get the next deathstreak for 1 less death.

Is there another way to get these killstreaks?
Care Package and Emergency Drop killstreaks give you a random killstreak. You can use this to get really good killstreaks early. Also, you can run and steal other people’s Care Package and Emergency Drop boxes and get the killstreak inside.

Care Package and Emergency Airdrop seem somewhat unfair. How are they balanced?
Well, for one, any kills that you get with the random killstreaks in the boxes don’t count towards the next killstreak reward. They still count as kills, just not towards the next killstreak. Also, anyone can take the boxes, even members of the other team. So you might just be giving the OTHER team good killstreaks and not yourself.

The Tactical Nuke seems really unfair! You win the game?
Yes, you win the game. However, you will probably see this very, very little online as getting 25 kills without dieing is extremely difficult. Also, a person will need to give up one of their valuable killstreaks which most people will not be willing to do considering how hard it is to get 25 kills in a row. You also have to consider the fact that if a person is going 25-0, then that team is probably winning anyway. It’s like a mercy kill for the losing team.

Do killstreaks stack?
Yes. If you get more than one killstreak, whether it’s from killing people, a Care Package, or Emergency Airdrop box, you can stack them and use them whenever. So if you really wanted, you could just save a bunch of killstreaks and use them all at once!

So, what are all the killstreaks?
You can find a list of them below, with the name of the killstreak first, then the required amount of kills, and finally an explanation of what each one does. There are also videos of each killstreak so you can see how it works.

List of the Killstreaks

UAV (3 killstreak)
Explanation: Shows the location of the enemy on the radar as red dots. It has much more counters this time around (such as Counter-UAV or EMP and even perks such as Cold-Blooded) so don’t rely too heavily on this.
HD Video:

Care Package (4 killstreak)
Explanation: A flare is thrown to the ground and a helicopter drops a crate which contains either a random killstreak or ammo. Anyone can grab what’s in the box, even the other team. You can get almost any killstreak (that isn’t a nuke) but the chances to get a lower killstreak are higher. Also, if this lands on any player, it will kill them.
HD Video:

Counter UAV (4 killstreak)
Explanation: Cancels the enemies UAV and disables the enemy’s minimap.
HD Video:

Sentry Gun (5 killstreak)
Explanation: Deploys a sentry gun that you move around and place wherever you want. It can be picked up after putting it down and moved to a different location. It lasts a relatively long time but after a while it will self-destruct. It is also very easy to shoot down and destroy.
HD Video:

Predator Missile (5 killstreak)
Explanation: You open a suitcase and you get to guide a missile from the sky to the ground. You are defenceless while guiding the missile. You can press RT to speed up the missile.
HD Video:

Precision Airstrike (6 killstreak)
Explanation: You choose the location for an airstrike and then bombers drop bombs on that location. You can also choose the direction in which the bombs come from. It is quite accurate.
HD Video:

Harrier Strike (7 killstreak)
Explanation: First, you choose the location of an airstrike. The airstrike is fairly inaccurate but it gets the job done. It is also 2 bombs instead of the usual 3. After the airstrike, you get a Harrier jet that moves around the map and kills people for you, similar to the Attack Helicopter. However, the jet lasts for a shorter period of time than the helicopter.
HD Video:

Attack Helicopter (7 killstreak)
Explanation: A helicopter moves around the map and shoots anything it its sight. This is very similar to the helicopter from Modern Warfare 1. It lasts longer than the Harrier Strike, but without the airstrike. It is less effective and can be shot down easier than the Pave Low killstreak.
HD Video:

Emergency Airdrop (9 killstreak)
Explanation: Throw down a flare and a helicopter drops 4 crates containing either killstreaks or ammo. This could be extremely useful, as you can stack the killstreaks and use them in reverse-order. However, remember that anyone can use the boxes, even the other team. You can get almost any killstreak (that isn’t a nuke) but the chances to get a lower killstreak are higher. Also, if any of the boxes on any player, it will kill them.
HD Video:

Pave Low (9 killstreak)
Explanation: A heavily-armoured helicopter moves around the map and shoots anything in its sight. It is very aggressive and racks up kills quickly and is armoured so it is hard to shoot down. It is much more efficient than the Attack Helicopter.
HD Video:

Stealth Bomber (9 killstreak)
Explanation: You choose the location of an airstrike and the direction of the bombs. The enemy cannot see the Stealth Bomber on their radar, so this is great for a large group of enemies as it gives them no chance to run away.
HD Video:

Chopper Gunner (11 killstreak)
Explanation: You open a suitcase and get to man the machine gun weapons on a helicopter. You don’t control the movement of the helicopter but you control the guns. The AC-130 has more firepower but the Chopper Gunner lasts longer. You can be killed while using the killstreak as you stand holding the suitcase defenceless.
HD Video:

AC-130 (11 killstreak)
Explanation: You open a suitcase and take control of a AC-130 gunship weapon that is equipped with a artillery. You cannot move it but you control the gun. You can also switch the weapon used (not shown in video). The Chopper Gunner lasts longer but has less firepower. You can be killed while using the killstreak as you stand holding the suitcase defenceless.
HD Video:

EMP (15 killstreak)
Explanation: Takes out all electronic equipment that the team has (this includes disabling the minimap, UAV, heartbeat sensors, thermal, HUD, etc.) for a period of time. This is also the only counter to the nuke. If used while the nuke countdown timer is counting down, the nuke will be disabled and you will get to keep playing.
HD Video:

Tactical Nuke (25 killstreak)
Explanation: For getting the massive 25 killstreak needed for this, a nuke is dropped on the map and everyone, including you, dies. You also win the game (or your team). Just a word of note, make sure that no one has the EMP when you use it. EMP can disable the nuke, making that 25 killstreak a waste.
HD Video:

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