Multiplayer Levelling Guide

This is not confirmed as been the quickest way to level up. But this way is pretty fun and quick.

  • From Level 1 – 4 use any class you like.
  • At level 4 make a custom class like this:

  • Unlock all the attachments for this gun. Get sleight of hand, stopping power and steady aim all to PRO.
  • By then, you should be level 40 [Or not far off]
  • At level 40 use this class setup:

M16A4 / M93 Raffica

Semtex / Stun Grenade x2

If you get high kill streaks or run out of ammo quickly, use scavenger. If not, use sleight of hand.

Stopping Power Pro

Ninja or Commando

  • As with the M4A1, unlock all the attachments and the new perks you are using as pro.
  • At level 48, switch to the ACR. This is the class you should use:

ACR / Ranger

Frag / Stun Grenade x2

Use Scavenger. [However, once you unlock the red dot site and silencer use Bling with them 2 attachments.

If you are using Scavenger as your first perk, use Stopping power. If you are using Bling as your first perk use Cold-Blooded.

Use Ninja.

  • Back to routine – unlock all attachments and perks as pro.
  • You should be about level 55. From level 55 – 70 use any of the 3 weapons [M4A1, M16A4 or ACR] and unlock the camo for them. You will unlock various challenges along the way like Assault Rifle headshots, [GUN NAME] headshots etc.

Good luck :]

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