Perk guide

Perks can do wonders in the hands of an expert. The right combination of perks can determine how efficient you do in your matches. Once you use your perks long enough they will upgrade to a pro version which adds an additional bonus to your perk.

Perk slot 1

This perk is a must for knifers as it lets your run forever.. really. The pro ability is to make you go over obstacles faster. I find this perk good for objective games and getting to the target location faster than your teammates and the enemy team.

Sleight of hand 6/10
This perk is used alot by shotgun and LMG users as they need take a long time to reload. Not only is it used on weapons that take a long time to reload, but also ones that are quick to reload. SMG’s without SoH are fast at reloading, but with SoH there is practically no reloading. The pro ability allows you to quickly aim after reloading.

Scavenger 9/10
This is by far my favourite perk as I tend to be very inaccurate and use too many bullets. This perk is best only used by people who stay alive a long time or use a lot of bullets. It is also useful as it picks up: Launcher ammo, Throwing knifes, Grenades, and Claymores. The pro ability allows you to start off with more ammo.

Bling 7/10
I find this perk very useful on weapons that have bad iron sights but you also want another attachment [ie. silencer]. I use this with the tar as it has very bad iron sights, I use Tar w/ Holographic sights & Silencer. Personally I dont snipe but I know people use Sniper w/ Silencer & Thermal and other attachments. The pro ability allows you to also have 2 attachments on your secondary weapon.

One man army 9/10
This is HIGHLY underrated and underused. However in many situations is a life saver and helps alot. For example: Use your normal class [w/ OMA] get a killstreak that blows up [ie: Predator Missile, Airstrike, Harrier Strike, AC130 ] and then switch to a class that has Danger Close so you do more explosive damage. The pro ability lets you swap classes even faster.

Perk slot 2

Stopping Power 10/10
What would we do without stopping power. Its never changed and never will. Whenever you have a weak gun or there is nothing else use stopping power! It is probably the most used perk out of all the perks. The pro ability makes you do more damage on killstreak vechicles.

Lightweight 7/10
This perk is a perfect match with marathon as marathon makes you run unlimited and lightweight makes you run faster. If there was a perk with both of them mixed together it would be 10/10. This perk is a must have for knifers and good in tacticle gameplay. The pro ability lets you do a quick aim after running.

Hardline 4/10
With Hardline, killstreaks require 1 less kill and pro version makes it so that deathstreaks require 1 less death. I dont really find this usefull unless using killstreaks with already only need 4 or less kills… As when you have high killstreaks like 9, 11, 15, 25 it really doesn’t make a difference.

Cold-Blooded 8/10
This perk is actually pretty cool. Makes you undetecable by UAV, air support, sentrie turrets and thermal. pro upgrade makes it so no red name or crosshairs show up when the enemy looks at you. Great for sneaking to a sniper position undetected or destroying killstreaks. I keep atleast one class with this perk just incase i need to shoot down a killstreak or stab a turret.

Danger Close 6/10
Danger Close increases explosive damage and the pro version increases the damage your air killstreaks do. Danger Close is Really great with the javelin because its like having a predator missle on your back! Plus you can use Scavenger and keeping resupplying your javelin missles so your basically a walking artillery battery. Also good for killstreaks.

Perk slot 3

Commando 7/10
The Commando perk increases your melee range and the pro unlock gives you the ability to not take fall damage. I found this perk to be useful and the pro upgrade really helps when your being shot at and try to jump off of a roof or something. Commando along with Marathon and Lightweight will make you the official Rambo of the battle field. Personally I only use this perk for the pro ability.

SitRep 6/10
Sitrep allows you to detect enemy expolsives and tactical flares. The pro version makes enemy footsteps louder. I found this perk to be quite helpful in objective game types because you can hear when enemys are running towards you and you can see if they have put C4, claymores, or insertions near the objective.

Ninja 7/10
Ninja makes you undetecable by heartbeat sensors and the pro unlock makes your footsteps more silent. Great anti-camper perk and good for all-around sneakiness.

Steady Aim 8/10
Steady aim increases hip fire accuracy and the pro upgrade lets you hold your breath longer while useing a scoped weapon. This perk is great with ALL weapons escpecially LMG’s because of their great spraying power. since the pro version has longer breath holding its great for snipers.

Scrambler 3/10
Scrambler allows you to jam the enemys radar in short ranges and the pro version delays the detonation of claymores giving you a better chance to survive the explosion. Well first off this perk can give your position away because the closer people get to you the more staticy their map gets so they can just zero-in on your location. So i wouldnt really recommend this unless you plan on drawing enemys into a trap.

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