Riot shield guide

The Riot Shield in Modern Warfare 2 is a surprising addition to a Call of Duty game. Used well it can rack you up a lot of kills, but more importantly, help your team to get that win.

Riot Shields have more uses than just making a nuisance of yourself or having a laugh in Team Death Match. They are best used in objective game types like Capture the Flag or Sabotage. Riot Shields provide the perfect mobile cover for you, and maybe a team-mate, to sneak up and grab that objective right in front of your enemies faces. When you are heading back with the flag, the Riot Shield can also cover your back. Switch to your secondary and the shield will stop the bullets from the people chasing you hitting your back.

First thing you want is to have a good class for the Riot shield. This is probably the best one right here.

Primary Weapon: Riot Shield
Secondary Weapon: Any shotgun that you like
Equipment: Throwing knife (if you’re good with it) or Blast Shield if not
Special Grenades: Stuns
Perk 1: Marathon
Perk 2: Lightweight
Perk 3: Commando

It’s pretty basic but it works and it’s important to have a class with at least commando because sometimes i see Riot classes with completely random perks it seems like.
Ok now on how to actually use the shield.

1. ALWAYS keep your target in front of you! This sounds obvious but I see so many people who barely even look at the guy shooting at them. A lot of times people will try to run around you and knife you or shoot you. Try to follow there movements as best you can to make sure they can’t get around you. You will get the hang of it eventually. trust me.

2. Always crouch! Unless the person is new to the game or just stupid the first thing they are going to try is to attack your feet. Crouching fixes that problem. It’s good to sprint at them when they are reloading or trying to throw grenades at you as long as you make sure you crouch soon after sprinting for a few seconds because when your target gets ready to shoot again hes gonna screw you over badly if you keep sprinting.

3. Use your equipment. Your equipment is very important. Whether your using the Blast Shield or the Throwing Knife it’s important that you know how and when to use them because they can become a factor of life or death on your part.

Throwing Knife: Very useful if you can get good with them. More times than not your target will not expect you to be using these and will be surprised when you kill them with it. The trick to using these is using them at the right time and using them fast. Only use these when your enemy is reloading or throwing a grenade because otherwise you are giving him an easy opening and will probably die. You also have to make sure that you hold your knife for 2 seconds at most. Any longer than that is going to give your target enough time to start shooting at you. Another thing, make sure you actually have a chance to hit your target because if you try to throw it across the map it’s probably going to miss and your going to lose your knife. If your target turns around to run away that is the best time to use these things, try not to miss that opportunity. The second they turn around Throw it right in their back.

Blast Shield: If your not good with the Throwing Knife or you just don’t like it then this is your other equipment option.The Blast Shield makes you more resistant to explosives. A lot of people think that the Blast Shield does nothing. That’s not true and i can remember countless time where this thing has saved me (before i moved over to the throwing knife). The thing with the Blast Shield is that you can’t see your radar when using it so only use it when your in the middle of a fight with someone (unless your in Hardcore then hell leave it on the whole game).

4. Take advantage of your enemies! There are way too many people who underestimate the Riot Shield so when they see you using it a lot of times they think “YAY FREE KILL” and run at you like gorillas. When this happens I usually laugh at them and give them the knife to the face or a good Riot Shield beating.

5. Cover your team mates! Where possible you should also use your Riot Shield to cover your team mates. For example, if your team mate is planting the bomb in Search and Destroy or returning the flag in Capture the Flag, give him some cover. You never know where an enemy could pop out from and you will make his job of killing the bomb planter so much more difficult (and the planters job a lot easier). Communicate and work as a team to complete your objective.

6. Ignore annoying people! Trust me at least once a game you will get some pissed off idiot that starts screaming random swears and things like “OMG WHY ARE USING THE RIOT SHIELD YOU FAG?!”. Just laugh at them when at the end of the game they went terribly negative and it was all because of “The Riot Shield fag”.

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