Intervection Guide

Damage – 70 (with suppressor, 50)
Multipliers –
Head, Neck, Chest: 1.5 (OHK without SP, or with SP and silencer)
Body: 1.1 (OHK without silencer and SP)
Limbs: 1.0 (not OHK)
Rate of Fire – 67 RPM
Recoil – Medium, scope moves while cycling bolt)

Silencer/Suppressor – I am not a fan of this. The chance of getting a One Shot Kill is lowered by about 50% or so. Getting another shot in before he spots you or running away is not easy. Using it on a Semi-auto is better. And, why silence such a beautiful sound? Rating 2/10
ACOG – It’s… interesting. Think of naked bolt-actions from World at War, with sway, and no damage loss. The sway makes it very hard to kill at long range, but you do much better in CQC. Scope in time is faster, so ditch the Sleight of Hand for Bling, or something. Rating 6/10
FMJ – You cannot spray through walls, but if somebody is behind light cover, you don’t have to aim at their head, which can come in handy. Rating 7/10
Heartbeat Sensor – This can be your salvation or damnation, depending on whether you rely on it or in select situations. This is a great attachment, providing you look at things other then the little blue screen. Try to use it when entering an area full of enemies, and be aware of Ninja’s. Rating 8/10.
Thermal Scope – Practically cheating on maps like Wasteland. With poor visibility on most maps, windows, tall grass, and smoke from explosions, you will be able to see people that can’t see you. Rating 10/10.
Extended Magazines – No. You don’t get any more ammo, the Intervention reloads very fast. So you might as well use it naked. 1/10.

Secondary Weapons:
Machine Pistols (average equip time)
PP2000 – Low recoil, good damage, average RPM, fair ammo. All attachments work well, except akimbo. Rating 8/10
Glock – Massive recoil, low damage, ridiculous RPM, great ammo. Akimbo is recommended. Rating 6/10
M93 – Low recoil, high damage, 3 round burst, good ammo. All attachments work well. Rating 9/10
TMP/MP7 – Low recoil, fair damage, high RPM, poor ammo. Have not tried enough to know attachments. Rating 6/10

Handguns (fast equip time)
USP45 – Have not used enough.
Magnum – High recoil, huge damage, poor ammo, very fast equip. All attachments work well. Rating 6/10
M9 – Low recoil, low damage, great ammo, very fast equip. All attachments work well. Rating 7/10
Deagle – Stupid recoil, high damage, poor ammo, very fast equip. Akimbo sucks. 2/10

Shotguns (slow equip time)
SPAS – Low recoil, high damage/range, great ammo, pump. All attachments work well, except silencer. Rating 5/10
AA12 – Low recoil, low damage/range, poor ammo, automatic. All attachments are good. Rating 8/10
Striker – Low recoil, low damage, medium range, great ammo, semi auto. All attachments work great. Rating 8/10
Ranger – High recoil, high damage, poor range, good ammo, double barreled. Akimbo is best. Rating 9/10
M1014 – Medium recoil, medium damage, low range, good ammo, semi auto. All attachments work well. Rating 5/10
1887 – With akimbo, holy sh-t. Rating 10/10


Sleight of Hand Pro – Incredible with normal scope. 10/10
Marathon – To rush to sniping positions or fleeing. 4/10
Scavenger – Unlimited claymores, best for camping. 7/10
Bling – No comments… 8/10
OMA – Never used.

Stopping Power – YEP. If you want a different tier 2 perk, use something else. 10/10

Steady Aim Pro – Longer breath holding, more consistent no scopes, helps with shotguns and akimbo. 10/10
Ninja Pro – Hear things around, and avoid detection by campers. 9/10
Scrambler – Hmmm, my radar is fuzzy, must be a sniper around here… 1/10
Commando – Leaping out of buildings to escape, and knifing before you can equip your secondary helps. 6/10
Last Stand – Noob. 1/10
Sit rep – Meh, you shouldn’t be in the enemies spawn anyway. 2/10.

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