Knife guide

So what is knife-only?
As the name suggests, its a style of playing where the user only uses their knife (normal or tactical). It seems crazy, but it actually works pretty well with minimal skill (not that only knifing doesn’t take skill)

Equipment and Perks
Any SMG, preferably with akimbo to look cool xD

Any Pistol with Tactical Knife.
USP and M9 unlock it quicker (75 kills as opposed to 100 for Magnum and Deagle) but Magnum and the Desert Eagle look more badass.

Throwing Knife for pure ninja pwnage.
Tactical Insertion to stay behind enemy lines.
Claymores for back covering and CTF.

Secondary Grenade:
Smoke grenade x1 to confuse and distract.

Perk 1:
Marathon. THIS IS A MUST!

Perk 2:
Lightweight to be super quick.
Cold Blooded to be seriously stealthy.
Hardline if you want to just spam Counter-UAV and UAV.

Perk 3:
Commando to knife further for those kills.
Ninja to be a ninja.

Martyrdom for getting back at your killer.
Final Stand if you think you will have fast enough reflexes to look up and KNIFE!

Tactics and Strategies
First of all, how to actually knife someone.
Yeah, you guys all scoff and laugh, but seriously, its not as easy as you think.
When knifing, try to aim at where the enemy will be, not where they are. This compensates for lag and enemy ninja skillz. Also, the tactical knife may feel weird at first. It knifes and recovers faster, so try to knife later than you are used to.

Next is the “How to get kills with a freaking piece of sharp metal while other people are using gigantic guns that can shoot bullets”
Stealth is your friend here.
No, I don’t mean camp in a corner with a silencer, I mean getting behind the enemy and knifing them without them knowing where you are.
For example, you see an enemy enter a plane in Scrapyard. Your are opposite them. Instead of just shooting or rushing at them, go through the side door and backstab them.

Another important tip is to KEEP MOVING!
You have unlimited sprint, so use and abuse it! NEVER stop sprinting! You will flank a lot easier, kill faster and be harder to kill.

Finally, the strategy to stay alive if an enemy sees you.
If they are far away, you can do a lot of things.
Take cover, rush at them, try to pwn them with your pistol or just die. However, my recommended strategy is to sprint to the nearest cover, chuck a smoke and run in the opposite direction.
Yes, opposite direction. This is because if you throw a smoke the enemy will expect you to run through it, netting them an easy kill. Also, there are a lot of people with Thermal Scopes nowadays.

If they are relatively close it’s fun time!
Always try to close the distance between you and them. The closer you are the harder it is to aim for them and the easier it is to kill for you. Try rushing at them and jumping at an angle to either side of them, quickly turning and KNIFE! This is because if you rush straight at them they will just own you with spraying.

Another strategy is belly flopping. This is when you jump and then go prone instantly afterwards. Try doing this, then getting up and using the rushing tactic for maximum confusion and effectiveness.
An important note: DO NOT LOSE MOMENTUM!
For example, don’t repeately jump just to try to dodge bullets. After a few jumps each of your jumps will make you leave the ground by about 2 inches. Also, you will lose speed and eventually end up stationary.
Also, don’t stop to knife. Keep moving. See someone’s back? Run, knife and keep running.

Oh and one more thing:
If you have Commando Pro you can set up ambushes (especially in Favela) by jumping down from high places and pwning.


Care Package Speed Trick
This is when you activate the Care Package killstreak to get the marker you’re supposed to throw, but instead of throwing it you keep it and move incredibly fast.
I haven’t tried this yet, but from what I have read it seems quite a good trick, even if you have to sacrifice the Tactical Knife. However, I think it might be slightly nooby. Also, it has been confirmed this trick has NOT been removed by the recent Model 1887 Nerf patch.

Riot Shield as Primary
I have seen a couple of knifers do this, but it is an INCREDIBLY stupid thing to do if you are going knife-only. This is because with the Riot Shield, even if it’s on your back, you a lot slower than normal.

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