UMP45 guide

One of the reasons why I love this gun is because it goes together like sugar and energy drinks with any attachment. I will be rating the attachments based on how they do with the UMP45. If you would like a full guide to all of the Modern Warfare 2 weapon attachments just find the link below.

Rapid Fire—7/10
This attachment does pretty ok with the UMP. Since the UMP has a powerful bullet(45. ACP) the rapid fire will make your targets go down much quicker but be warned, it will be harder to control at longer ranges!

Red Dot Sight—6/10
The UMP already has slam dunk sights but if you need an extra boost when sighting your target then slap on a red dot sight and your good to go. good for close to medium quarters.

Holographic Sight—6/10
This attachment resembles the red dot sight but its more bulky and its raised slightly off of the gun. It also looks cool

ACOG Scope—7/10
The ACOG is great for long range shooting and is a lot more accurate than the COD4 ACOG. It features a red crosshair for easy shooting. I would recommend this for the UMP.

Thermal Scope—8/10
This attachment works great with the UMP because it has low recoil and great stopping power. It will see through rain, smoke, and dust so its a great attachment to use for all occasions!

FMJ is good for this weapon because you can quickly riddle a cover point with armour piercing rounds to kill someone. Plus you can spam buildings and walls trying to kill snipers and campers

The silencer is by far the best attachment to use with this gun. The iron sights for UMP are one of the best in the game so its quite easy to kill, even with a silencer on it.

The Akimbo is OK, but its only good for close range and it gets you hatemail so i would probably go with red dot or a silencer

Extended Mags—4/10
I dont usually use extended mags because i rarely ever need more ammo in my magazine. You could have a more useful attachment in its place.

For a full guide to Modern warfare 2 attachments check out my other guide,Guide to MW2 weapon attachments

Perks that go great with the UMP
Giving yourself the right perks can make all the difference in a match and can mean life or death, but don’t sweat it because I’ve got the tips for you right here!

Steady Aim—8/10
This perk is a must have when dealing with any SMG. It saves you the time of having to scope-in and fire. Just point and shoot, it’s that simple!

Cold-Blooded is great for staying undetected or sliping past enemies and works even better when coupled with a silencer!

Trust me you will need this with all the ammunition you will be useing. really good for staying alive because you can keep your primary weapon longer.

The Ninja perk is perfect for suprising campers or snipers. Good for objective games too because theres usually a lot of campers with heartbeat sensors

Proper enviorments for the UMP45
In order to have maximum effectivness with the UMP you must first learn the optimum time to use it. It definetly has the upper hand in close range engagements and can turn a human into a pile of bite sized meat balls in seconds(YUM). Good for clearing buildings if you see a camper or a sniper taking refuge there ,also great for medium range too. I wouldn’t suggest going full auto at long ranges though because it will be almost impossible to hit the person. Instead train yoursellf to do single shots at longer ranges, it will help ALOT.

Techniques for the UMP45
This is a great rushing gun if thats your style. It’s also good for slow and stealthy advances when trying to breach the enemy teams spawn points. Always stick to areas that are to your advantage. Don’t just run out into an area that requires long range! stick to high ground if you can find it and never just run into a group of 2 or 3 enemies and expect your UMP to do all the work. Lets be smart people! Lastly, find an attachment for your UMP that best suits the map or situation you will be encountering. Even though the silencer is a great tool for every occasion, it may not always be right for the situation. Don’t blame the gun, blame the attachment!!

  1. Dave
    May 11, 2010 at 15:21

    Really good, well written guide, the best one i’ve found so far!

  1. January 6, 2010 at 17:10

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